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Career Education - Career Advising Services

Career Education – Career Advising Services

It is critical, now more than ever, given the state of the economy and unemployment rates, that educational institutions initiate and implement key Career Education programs that will provide students an opportunity to develop the tools and professional skills necessary to set them apart from the competition. The Center for Academic Excellence offers career advising services that allows students the opportunity to explore career and educational paths, develop the job search tools necessary to apply for internships/jobs and to enhance their online profile, so as to give them a competitive edge. Students can schedule an appointment for any of the services below that meet their needs in Bison Adviser at

Major and Career Exploration

Take a minute and ask yourself…do I want to save money and successfully graduate on time? Then get the help you need to decide on a major and career path. This is an opportunity to explore your career and educational goals based on your interests, personal style and work preferences in preparation for declaring a major. Students must take the SuperStrong Assessment at prior to scheduling this appointment. 

Choosing a Major

A major is a series of courses (consisting of 24 to 39 credit hours) required for a concentration in a specific department. A minor is a combination of courses (usually 15 to 18 credit hours) taken to support the major or broaden your perspective.

If you have not already chosen a major — don’t panic! Nearly half of entering freshmen and many sophomores and juniors are not sure of their major, even if they say they are. Choosing a major takes time, persistence, and critical thinking about your future.

If you are not sure of your major:

  • Discuss your concerns with your advisor, faculty members, and/or counselors at the UniversityCounseling Service or Career Services offices.
  • Learn about yourself — your interests, skills, and abilities; consider exploring a new area by auditing a course (participating without credit or grade). Think about what you want to be doing 10 years from now. Find out about the job market and opportunities for particular majors after graduation.
  • Consider how you feel about attending graduate or professional school, which is a requirement for certain professions.
  • Determine which courses and programs will take you where you want to go.
  • Choose a major that best expresses who you are and who you would like to become.

Resume Review/Assistance

Recruiters spend an average 6 seconds reviewing an individual’s resume before deciding on whether to extend an invitation for an interview. Before you embark on you job or internship search, get detailed feedback on your resume content, format and requirements at this one-one-one session.

Cover Letter Review/ Assistance

Get a thorough review of your cover letter and impress employers as you highlight your experiences and demonstrate why you are well qualified for the position and should be hired. Students must have a draft of the cover letter that will be used for the identified internship/job application.

LinkedIn Profile Review/Assistance

Over 85% of companies use LinkedIn to support their recruitment efforts. Get a detailed LinkedIn profile review and gain a better understanding of what is required to make you stand out to recruiters. Get started here in preparation for this appointment.