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COAS Graduation Clearance


Clearance for graduation is the process of completing and fulfilling all academic and financial requirements established by the University. Each candidate is personally responsible for obtaining academic and financial clearance prior to graduation.


Clearance Guide



Please consult your respective Dean of the School or College to determine if you have met all academic requirements. For financial clearance, you must report to the Office of the Bursar to settle your account. Only candidates with official University clearance by both the respective Dean and the Office of the Bursar will be approved to receive the academic costume and to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

All graduation clearance questions should be directed to the respective Schools and Colleges. 

Graduation Resources

COAS Graduation Forum Presentation

COAS Graduation Preclearance Information

This presentation is specifically designed for COAS students to understand the clearance process.

Preclearance Application

There is no need for an academic planning session because planning is over. It's now time to apply for preclearance. During preclearance, your degree works is reviewed for the possibility of graduating for that semester. COAS Graduating Seniors who submit for preclearance receive a confirmation email of approval to apply on Bisonweb. If you are sent a denial, those students will be given instructions on fixing the issue or meeting with an advisor. COAS Undergraduate Prospective Graduates must complete preclearance to apply on bisonweb.

Spring Graduates are students who will be completing their degree requirements/ all courses at the end of Spring Semester(May).

COAS Preclearance for Spring: dates January 29th - March 26th, 2021

Apply for Preclearance (Spring 2021)