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Capital CoLAB Digital Tech Credential

The Capital CoLAB Digital Tech Credential helps undergraduate students develop in-demand digital technology skills and access employment opportunities at leading Capital Region companies.

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The Capital CoLAB Digital Tech Credential is a way to signal to leading employers that you have key competencies for the modern workplace, such as data analysis, data visualization, and data security.

In partnership with Capital CoLAB, Howard University offers a six-course program for non-STEM majors to receive a Digital Tech Generalist Credential. The credential is accepted and recognized by all CoLAB companies as an indication of competence in positions that require digital skills. Enrolling and completing the digital tech credential program will give students a number of benefits including priority interviews for jobs and internships, mentoring/coaching opportunities, job shadowing, and one-on-one engagement with senior executives at CoLAB companies.

Registration for the Capital CoLAB Digital Tech Credential program is now open. ENROLL HERE

Develop Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Throughout the six-course curriculum of the Capital CoLAB Digital Tech Generalist Credential, you'll learn:

  • The role of data and analytics
  • Probability, descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Data manipulation
  • Data vizualization and communication
  • Data ethics
  • Data security

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Reap the Benefits from Capital CoLAB Employers

Capital CoLab employers have agreed to offer a range of benefits to Capital CoLab students, including:

  • Mentoring, coaching, Job shadowing
  • Experience credit
  • Resume review
  • Priority interviews for internships and jobs
  • Receptions with senior executives
  • Financial incentives for new hires

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    Capital CoLAB Employers

    • Amazon
    • ASGN
    • AstraZeneca
    • Booz Hamilton Allen
    • Capital One​
    • Exelon
    • EY
    • General Dynamics​
    • JPMorgan Chase​
    • MedStar Health​
    • McKinsey & Company​
    • Monumental Sports & Entertainment​
    • Northrop Grumman​
    • Stanley Black & Decker​
    • Under Armour​
    • WGL

    Course Curriculum




    KSA Generalist Outcomes

    Course Prequesites

    CSCI 100


    Introduction to Computer Science



    MAT 009


    Introduction to Statistics


    MAT 005, 4crs. (WR College Algebra 1) or MAT 006 (College Algebra I) , or satisfactory score on the Mathematics Placement Examination.

    INFO 395


    Information Assurance


    Introduction to Computer Science (CSCI 100) or Management Information Systems (INFO 204)

    PSYC 063


    Research Methods and Statistics


    Introduction to Statistics (MAT 009)

    MAT 156


    Applied Calculus (MAT 026) OR Calculus I (MAT 156)


    MAT 007 (Precalculus. 4crs. or outstanding score on Mathematics Placement Examination. 

    INFO 384


    Business Analytics


    Applied Calculus (MATH 026) or Calculus I (MATH 156), Statistics for Business and Economics (ECON 180), Management Information System (INFO 204), and Accounting Principles II (ACCT 202); Junior Standing)

    If interested, please click here to enroll. If you have any questions, contact Marilyne Njurata at