Graduation Resources

Graduation Resources

For prospective graduates, there is no need for an academic planning session because planning is over. It is now time to apply for pre-clearance. During pre-clearance, your degree works is reviewed for the possibility of graduating for that semester. COAS Graduating Seniors who submit for preclearance receive a confirmation email of approval to apply on Bisonweb. If you are sent a denial, those students will be given instructions on fixing the issue or meeting with an advisor. COAS Undergraduate Prospective Graduates must complete preclearance to apply on Bisonweb.

Preclearance should be completed for the semester in which you will complete ALL course requirements.


Open dates for Spring 2023 Preclearance 

Prospective Spring 2023 Graduates - Completing degree by the end of April

(Dates subject to change.)


Opens: Early Access November 9th - November 22, 2022 (During Add/Drop)

Reopens: Regular, January 29th - March 26th, 2023 (after Add/Drop)


Prospective COAS graduates should contact:

Ms. Shaunda Young

COAS Graduation Preclearance Information

This presentation is specifically designed for COAS students to understand the clearance process.