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Robert and Sally Sands 15-to-Finish Scholarship

The Robert P. and Sally G. Sands Fifteen to Finish Scholarship Fund

schoRobert P. Sands, a retired lawyer, and his wife Sally G. Sands, a retired school teacher, established the Fifteen to Finish Scholarship, for new Howard University students residing in California, Missouri, and Minnesota. Recipients are expected to register for 15 or more credit hours each semester with a goal of graduating in four years. Programmatic support and advising is specific to high-achieving, first-generation, and/or limited-income students that could benefit from community support and enrichment from multiple areas of engagement, including programming with a group cohort, university advisors and HU alumni.

The renewable scholarship provides $20,000 per year with additional advising, career development and monthly group engagement with a cohort of scholar peers and staff advisors from the Center for Honors and Scholar Development.

The Sands Scholarship application is currently CLOSED for the upcoming academic year. To receive information on applying to the Sands Scholar Program in the future, please contact Mrs. Theon Gruber-Ford at