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Information for

New Students

Welcome to Howard University!

Student Requirements

Howard Email Address

All Howard students are required to use their "" email address.

Graduate on Time

To help assure your successful and timely matriculation through your undergraduate experience at Howard University, the Office of Undergraduate Studies strongly encourages all undergraduate students to be registered for 15-credit hours, per semester!

First Time in College

Medical Clearance

Please be advised that all students of Howard University must have up-to-date medical clearances in order to register and attend classes.

Please address this matter, ASAP. You can download Howard's Medical Forms. All students who have not been registered nor have attended class for at least one semester, must redo all required immunizations (as needed) and re-submit all required medical forms.

AP Courses

Students who have successfully taken and completed AP courses and passed theirAP exams with a 4 or 5 during their high school career have the option of submitting their AP scores for evaluation. AP exam results can allow undergraduate students to override required courses.

Please refer to College Board for your transcript. Please submit to Howard, ASAP.

Students who have participated in Dual-enrollment programs during their high school career may also be eligible ofoverriding required undergraduate courses.

Please contact us for more information:

Foreign Language

Students who believe they are proficientin a foreign language have the option of taking a test to demonstrate their proficiency. 

Please contact us for more information:

ALEKS Practice Test

Students of the Class of 2021 are encouraged to start practicing their math skills in ALEKS. Students should have already received an email regarding this opportunity.

Howard's Office of Undergraduate Studies will inform the students of the Class of 2021, when this practice test will be available.

HU Bison Web

Please make sure that you have declared both your major and minor in BisonWeb.

Important Academic Advice for all Howard University Students

The Office of Undergraduate Studies is here to help assure you successfully complete and graduate from your degree program. Get acquainted with all of the services we provide! Please review the following pages:

New Student Orientation

Academic Advising

Howard University's Degree Programs


Additional Academic Advice

1.) Regularly check your HU email account. Official University notices regarding pertinent information (registration, financial aid, advising, etc.) are regularly sent to your HU email address. You are responsible for checking your email, and when necessary, taking the necessary action.

2.)  Meet with you OUS Advisor & discuss your academic plans.  Your academic advisor is your matriculation partner. Be sure to schedule a meeting to discuss your academic plans, explore opportunities, and report issues (missing grades, course substitution, transfer credit questions, dropping a course, etc.). Your advisor will help you to make informed decisions about your academic journey.

3.) Learn more about student support services at Howard University. Your school or college, the Office of Undergraduate Studies, The Writing Center, Special Student Services, and the Counseling Center are a few of the many offices that offer services and programs that will facilitate your academic success. Visit those offices that offer services and programs that will facilitate your academic success. Visit those offices to find out what services meet your needs. Let someone know what you need. If you don't ask, you will not get the assistance you need.

4.) Check BisonWeb regularly to determine if action is necessary. If you need assistance, contact your academic or faculty advisor. A hold on your record blocks registration to access and negates your registration priority. The hold will not magically disappear if you don't take action. Do not ignore holds! An unresolved hold will jeopardize your academic future.

5.) Complete academic placement exams for Math and Language

Make sure you visit the OUS website to learn more about the Math and Language placement exam. These exams are for you to not only be prepared for college level academics but to match your skill level with our courses. 

6.) Meet new friends and get excited about each of your Fall (and Spring) semesters! At Howard University, we are a family. We have students from every state and over 26 countries. It is imperative that you make a friend that will support your academic and personal success on campus. Everyone is here to succeed and leave a legacy. What will your legacy be? Who will you work with to ensure you leave a better Howard for those coming after you?