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Tutoring & Learning Support Services

Helping Howard students Move UPWARD and ONWARD to Academic Success!

TLSS is open from 8:30am-8:00pm. Tutoring Sessions Begin at 1:00pm.

The Office of Tutoring & Learning Support Services offers free tutoring for all gateway mathematics courses and selected general education courses.

TLSS provides Howard students with access to one-on-one tutoring or small group tutoring sessions for the following subjects: ALL LEVELS- Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Computer Science, Chemistry, Differential Equations, Economics, Physics, Proofs & Problem Solving, Statistics 

Upward & Onward

Our Vision

TLSS provides stellar tutoring services and academic support programs that cultivate independent learning, academic resiliency and enhances Howard University's retention and graduation rates.

Our Mission

"Helping Howard Students Move UPWARD & ONWARD to Academic Success."

Our Approach

Connect. TLSS staff cosistently evaluates how to best connect with Howard students-to inform them of the academic support TLSS provides-and how they positively impact the academic success of Howard University students. 

Train. TLSS' Bison Tutors are trained according to nationally-recognized standards for peer tutoring and are informed of best pedagogical practices that are specific to the acadmeic needs of Howard University students.

Coach. TLSS Bison Tutors are trained to academically coach their peers, equipping them with learning strategies that promote independent learning.

Support. TLSS is a resource for Howard students that is readily-available to provide hands-on, real-time academic support.