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Second Year Experience

The Second Year Experience Program at Howard University enhances degree completion and graduation rates.


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The Howard University Second Year Experience Program, SYE Mecca Made, is a university-wide initiative designed to create a community focused on the holistic success of 2nd-year students. SYE Mecca Made’s goal is to improve Howard University’s 2nd-year retention rate by:

* Engaging 2nd-year students with high impact retention practices that build their capacity for informed academic decision-making, resiliency, and achievement that support their successful transitioning from the second to third year at Howard University;

* Equipping 2nd-year students with resources and strategies necessary for academic and career success through targeted initiatives and structured programming; and

* Empowering 2nd-year students to successfully navigate their third and fourth years, complete their degrees, and be prepared for career success.

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Second Year Experience 2019-2020 Calendar

SYE Week - HU SYE kicks-off in October with SYE Month with the dissemination of the “SYE Success Guide” highlighting sophomore-specific initiatives and strategies for success. The SYE Success Guide includes an events calendar and a sophomore success resource guide.

The SYE Summit  - The purpose of the SYE Summit is a one-stop resource fair that will:

  • offer services that will help students to resolve issues hindering their academic progress; and

  • connect students with resources and offices that will help them achieve their academic goals.

The SYE “Mecca Made” Induction Program - The Mecca Made Induction Program recognizes all students who have successfully completed their second year at Howard and have registered for fall semester classes.

SYE Mecca Made Virtual Study Groups

The Office of Undergraduate Studies Student Advisory Council (O-SAC)

SYE Mecca Made Mentors