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Student Success Resource Page

We are Still Moving Upward and Onward to Acadmeic Success!

Please be sure to stay informed about prevention of transmission of the global Coronavirus via the Howard University and Center for Disease Control and Prevention websites.

Howard University has temporarily transitioned instruction services to remote online accessibility. The Office of Undergraduate Studies is prepared to continue to provide you with quality academic support to assure successful completion of your studies this semester.

Below are resources we encourage you to utilize while you are away from campus.


Student Resources

During the 2018 - 2019 academic year, TLSS staff and BISON Tutors frequently discussed how to best equip Howard students with study tools outside of what is distributed and required by your professors.

The Center of Tutoring & Learning Support Services is committed to assuring that Howard students are provided tools that are necessary for effective independent study and information retention. Please take a look at the study sheets TLSS' Bison Tutors created for your use.

 *** The TLSS BISON Tutors will continue to produce study sheets specific to your course, and make them available on the OUS/tlss website!

Please review the list below of effective online resources the Office of Tutoring & Learning Support Services encourages you to utilize, in addition tot he study BISON Tutors have provided for you, during your independent study:

***Some of the Math Study Sheets provided below are past tests and exams from the Howard University Math Department.

TLSS - BISON Tutor Study Sheets


Below is a study sheet specifically for your ALGEBRA I course, for your use. Print and keep in your records!

Study Sheet for ALGEBRA I


We have constructed a study sheet specifically for your CALCULUS course. We hope you find it useful!

Study Sheet for CALCULUS I


Below is a study sheet specifically for your CALCULUS II course, for your use. Refer to your first calculus course to recall foundational equations!

Study Sheet for CALCULUS II


Take a look at this study sheet. Feel free to use it to help you retain key information during and after your study time! Stop by the tutoring center if you have any questions.

Study Sheet for CHEMISTRY

Academic Success Resources

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