OUS Student Advisory Council

OUS Student Advisory Council

OUS is evaluating current and implementing new systems to help assure Howard undergraduates are provided best services for their successful academic journey.

The OUS Student Advisory Council was erected from the "Mecca Made" campaign which calls upon current HU students to highlight their perceptions of student success.

Our mission is to ensure that students prosper and have a memorable experience here at Howard University by creating an environment that supports their collegiate journey through student advocacy, academic support, and accountability. As a council, we vow to serve as the bridge between Howard University students and the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

As the OUS Student Advisory Council, we are committed to: 

Group of students standing together smiling
  • Providing advocacy on behalf of Howard University undergraduate students
  • Empowering Howard University students in their academic pursuits
  • Collaborating with the offices under the OUS umbrella to ensure that a student voice informs their initiatives
  • Understanding OUS Policies and Procedures, in order to support our peers in navigating them
  • Promoting the support services and resources that support the successful matriculation, retention, persistence, and timely graduation of Howard University undergraduate students.