Federal Work Study

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Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program

The Federal Work Study program is designed to help eligible students finance the cost of postsecondary education. Eligible students may apply for on-campus jobs or jobs with our community service partners. The FWS work study is a great way to gain experience as well as support departments and the community. 

For Students Continuing FWS Jobs from Fall 2023 (On campus)

Students who have been awarded Federal Work-study for Spring and are continuing in the same on-campus job from Fall must complete the following steps.

  1. Check Financial Aid award in BisonWeb.
  2. Accept Spring FWS Award in BisonWeb (if not already completed). Save screenshot/pdf to upload in Step 3.
  3. Complete Class & Work Schedule Updates Form via Docusign. Note: Students must enter their Bison email address and supervisor's email address to ensure that the documents automatically routes for appropriate signatures.
  4. Receive signed document from FWS Staff via Docusign.

For Students Who Did Not Work via FWS in Fall 2023

Students who have been awarded federal work study as a part of their financial aid packages are eligible to participate in the federal work study program. Below are the required steps to begin work through the FWS program for on-campus jobs in Spring 2024.

  1. Check Financial Aid award in BisonWeb.
  2. Accept FWS Award in Financial Package.
  3. Complete Self-paced Federal Work-Study Orientation (approx 45 mins).
    • Students must create an account using their Bison email accounts.
  4. Apply for Openings in Handshake.
  5. Interview and accept position with a given department.
  6. Complete Onboarding Documents via Docusign.
  7. Complete HR Clearance/Background Check (After Docusign has been approved, HR will send follow up directions via email to initiate background check).
  8. Obtain Work Authorization From HR.
  9. Submit self-service documents to HR (direct deposit information, I-9, etc.). Follow-up directions will be emailed once Docusign has been approved.

Questions about eligibility (steps 1-2) should be directed to finaid@howard.edu. Questions about job placement should be directed to fws.jobs@howard.edu.

For On-campus Supervisors

  1. Complete Self-paced Supervisor Orientation (approx 45 mins)
    • Supervisors must use a Howard University address
  2. Sign Supervisor Agreement via Docusign.
  3. Post positions on Handshake (See Video for Refresher).
  4. Interview and select students.
  5. Instruct selected students to complete Onboarding Documents via Docusign.These documents will route to supervisors for signature.
  6. Confirm official start date by requiring students to forward HR Work Authorization email, which shares the official start date. Students may not begin working before the date in the Work Authorization email.
  7. Orient student(s) and allow them to begin working!

Other Forms

Update Class/Work Schedule

Questions about job placement and hiring should be directed to fws.jobs@howard.edu.