General Education

About OGE

The Office of General Education (OGE) serves as the centralized convener of Howard University faculty and stakeholders to determine what it means to be a Howard University graduate. OGE embarks on the difficult philosophical work of integrating Howard's past, present, and future into an innovative undergraduate curriculum that shapes the "Howard Experience" and remains at the forefront of an ever-changing society.

The "Howard Experience" is achieved through course offerings, experiential learning, lab experiences, co-curricular and non-credit requirements, and other engagements that satisfy essential learning outcomes, meet discipline-specific requirements, and promote overall development. To support the “Howard Experience”, the Office of General Education maintains policies and procedures, leads research efforts, and engages students and stakeholders to ensure a high-quality undergraduate experience.

The Office of General Education maintains, assesses, and facilitates the revision of the Core Howard University Curriculum by ensuring sufficient intellectual freedom and flexibility in the curriculum that meets the needs of all majors, minors, and certificate programs. The Office of General Education also supports compliance with curriculum standards and academic policies by maintaining academic systems and implementing checks and balances to ensure that students meet graduation requirements.   

Bison Advisor - Our Predictive Analytics Tool for Student Success

The Office of General Education now manages and provides administrative support for Bison Advisor

Bison Advisor is a predictive analytics platform that facilitates comprehensive institution-wide academic advising for Howard students.

Various academic advisors, faculty, and other academic support staff on campus utilize Bison Advisor as it provides access to macro and micro student academic performance data used to:

  • inform planning efforts;

  • assist with program development; 

  • streamline communication/outreach efforts; and 

  • predict needed academic and student development interventions.

Utilize Bison Advisor to better organize your department and streamline your day-to-day operations. 


  • 360 Degree Communication with your students

  • Predictive analytics

  • Front Desk / Kiosk Capability

  • Academic and Behavioral Intervention Referral System

  • Early Alerts

  • Assignment Organization

  • Progress Reports

  • Institutional Health Dashboards (available by major and other variables.)