ACE Learning Support Services

ACE Learning Support Services provide face-to-face and virtual learning experiences that cultivate independent and group learning, academic resiliency and confidence, and a range of academic success strategies to support academic success. ACE also offers a data-informed Academic Recovery Program that is designed to assist students who are experiencing academic challenges with getting on the path to academic success.


ACE Learning Support Services offers tutoring and academic support programs for all gateway mathematics courses and selected general education courses. One-on-one, small-group, face-to-face, and virtual tutoring is available to drop-ins and by appointment Monday through Friday for the following subjects: Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Computer Science, Chemistry, Economics and Physics.

Tutoring services are provided online and in-person. Online tutoring requires an appointment. In-person tutoring is drop-in only.

During the week before midterms and final exams, ACE Learning Support Services offers Study Hall hours where students can meet with tutors and selected faculty to review study guides and get questions answered.

Location: Academic Support Building - B



ACE Learning Support Services Model

Connect. ACE consistently gauges how to connect with Howard students, inform them of academic support services, and coach them to understand how academic support positively impacts their academic success. 

Train. ACE tutors engage in training aligned with nationally recognized standards for peer tutoring and best pedagogical practices specific to the academic needs of Howard students.

Coach. ACE tutors coach Howard students with learning strategies that promote independent learning. 

Support. ACE provides year-round programs that support the continual academic development of Howard students as they matriculate through their respective degree programs.