Academic Petitions

Fill in all applicable fields on the computer, print, sign and date, and return to the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Please Note: Some web browsers are unable to fill in forms. Students are advised to save the form to their personal computer before filling in the fields.


Only for students that were recently suspended and have documented extenuating circumstances ouside of a student’s control. Reinstatement petitions are rarely approved.

Petition Deadlines

  • June 15th for the Fall Semester
  • January 2nd for the Spring Semester


Used to request dropping, adding, withdrawing, or otherwise enrolling in one or more courses after the published deadline.

You are required to discuss the merits of your request with your ACE academic advisor and course instructor (as appropriate) before you submit the petition.

Transfer Course

For enrollment as a visiting student at another college or university.

Note: Courses taken at other institutions without prior approval will not be considered for transfer credit.

Please visit the Office of the Registrar at

COAS Graduation Checklist

  1. Print your BisonWeb transcript.
  2. Read through the graduation checklist before attempting to complete the information. Please note that a list of divisional courses is attached.
  3. Be sure to pick up the list of major and minor requirements (available in OUS/ACE) or a program scheme from your academic department.
  4. Meet with your faculty adviser to review and approve your major and minor courses.
  5. Submit the original graduation checklist (signed by you and your faculty adviser) to an OUS/ACE academic adviser. Attach a copy of your BisonWeb transcript and retain a copy for your files.

Intra-University Transfer Request

This form is for current Howard University students requesting to change majors, minors, or concentrations within the University.

Transfer Request Form