2024 Bison Prep - New Student Orientation

Welcoming Our New Students to Howard University!

New Student Orientation (NSO) is designed for all incoming first-year and transfer students to be introduced Howard University, and to provide students and their families the opportunity to learn more about academic support services, student development

Students walking on campus with backpacks

initiatives, and technology tools for academic success.

All new students are expected to participate in and complete New Student Orientation, which includes Bison Learn, Bison Prep, and Bison Week.  Our goal is to facilitate a seamless transition to Howard University so that students can immediately acclimate and become a part of the Bison family! If you have any further questions or concerns pertaining to New Student Orientation, please email us at orientation@howard.edu


2024 Bison Prep - New Student Orientation

Welcome - Assoc. Provost of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Kenneth Anderson

Welcome Video: Dr. Kenneth Anderson, Assoc. Provost of Undergraduate Studies

Our Associate Provost of Undergraduate Studies welcomes you to Howard University!


Office of Undergraduate Studies

Website: ous.howard.edu

Email: orientation@howard.edu

About Howard

Presentation Recording: About Howard University

Here's an abbreviated brief view of the legacy and significance of Howard University.

Student Health Requirements

Presentation Recording: Student Health Overview

The Howard University Student Health Center provides comprehensive high-quality healthcare to all current and full-time and part-time students. 

Student Health Center services include, acute visits, primary care, reproductive health services, initiate pre-exposure prophylaxis (PREP) medication, chronic disease management, specialty referrals, health promotion and disease prevention education.

Write Down, Take a Screenshot, or Print the Steps Below


1Use your Howard University email and password to log in at studenthealthportal.com

2. Click on medical Hold, click on Instructions. Download, screenshot, or print these instructions.

3. Go back to the Home Page, bottom right, and click Related Links. Click Immunization Certificate, download this form, and take it to your healthcare provider to complete and provide you with supporting documentation.

4. Once you get the form and supporting documentation from your healthcare provider, you are now ready to go back to the patient portal. Click Forms, Complete the online SHC Immunization Certificate form, and Upload the supporting documents.

Title IX

Presentation Recording: Title IX

Howard University is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and inclusive campus, where students can live and learn in an environment free from all forms of discrimination and harassment, including discrimination or harassment based on sex or gender. This includes, but is not limited to, any unfair, unequal/inequitable, or abusive treatment of anyone based on: Sex (“sex assigned at birth”), Gender, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Sexual Orientation and Pregnancy.

Email: TitleIX@Howard.edu

Website: TitleIX.Howard.edu

Interpersonal Violence Prevention Program (IVPP)

Presentation Recording: IVPP Overview

The role of the Office of Interpersonal Violence Prevention (IVPP) at Howard University is to enhance the quality of life of students at Howard University by providing on-campus, survivor advocacy, crisis management, and campus-wide training, education, and opportunities for interpersonal skill development in the effort to reduce/eliminate the campus and life impacts of dating, domestic and intimate partner violence, sexual assault and harassment and stalking. 

The Interpersonal Violence Prevention Program (IVPP) was established in 2008 by Dr. Tricia Bent-Goodley, mental health clinician, researcher, and Professor Emeritus of the Howard University School of Social Work, with financial support from the Department of Justice Office of Violence Against Women.

In 2016, IVPP became the Office of Interpersonal Violence Prevention, a sustained unit within the University infrastructure. In 2020, shortly after the onset of COVID-19, IVPP transitioned from the Office of the Provost to the Division of Student Affairs to better align student support services that ensure students with experiences of interpersonal violence have the support they need to find healing and continue matriculation until graduation.

Financial Aid

Presentation Recording: Financial Aid Overview

Take Charge of Your Future

Paying for college can be daunting, but have no fear: we're here to help.

Financial aid is funding awarded to help you pay educational costs. The federal and state governments as well as post-secondary schools are public sources of aid, while civic groups, clubs, and religious organizations serve as private sources of aid.

Financial aid is classified into three basic types: grants and scholarships are funds awarded that are not required to be repaid; employment is work, either on or off campus that you find through campus student employment services or on your own initiative; and a loan is money borrowed from the federal or state government, the University or an alternative lender that must be repaid, including interest. 


Financial aid is distributed according to a variety of eligibility criteria within two categories:

  1. You are awarded need-based aid to make up the difference between your total cost to attend the University full-time and the amount of your family’s contribution as determined by the federal government.
  2. You may use non-need-based aid to replace your family contribution if you meet the necessary eligibility criteria, which may vary depending on the program.

Website: https://financialservices.howard.edu/financial-aid

Placement Exams

Presentation Recording: Placement Exam Overview

ACE Learning Support Services facilitates placement testing for new and continuing students. The tests provide accurate course placement based on student's skills, abilities, and needs in reading, writing, world Language and mathematics.

Contact Information

ACE Learning Support

Email: acelearningsupport@howard.edu

How to Register for Classes in BisonHub

Presentation: How to Register


Follow these instructions to register for your courses!