Bison Advisor

Bison Advisor

Bison Advisor - Our Predictive Analytics Tool for Student Success

The Office of General Education now manages and provides administrative support for Bison Advisor

Bison Advisor is a predictive analytics platform that facilitates comprehensive institution-wide academic advising for Howard students.

Various academic advisors, faculty, and other academic support staff on campus utilize Bison Advisor as it provides access to macro and micro student academic performance data used to:

  • inform planning efforts;

  • assist with program development; 

  • streamline communication/outreach efforts; and 

  • predict needed academic and student development interventions.

Utilize Bison Advisor to better organize your department and streamline your day-to-day operations. 


  • 360 Degree Communication with your students

  • Predictive analytics

  • Front Desk / Kiosk Capability

  • Academic and Behavioral Intervention Referral System

  • Early Alerts

  • Assignment Organization

  • Progress Reports

  • Institutional Health Dashboards (available by major and other variables.)